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We have crowned our 25 years of service and experience in the curtain sector with ÖZAK
ALUMINUM, which we established in 2012. We are manufacturing aluminum extrusion profiles of
12000 m2 closed area in the Saray industrial zone of Kahramankazan province of Ankara. We have
an annual capacity of 7200 tons per year and we export a significant part of our production abroad.
Our company has adopted continuous improvement and growth as a principle to be able to respond to
rapidly increasing customer demand and expectations with its developing technological infrastructure
and expert staff.
ISO 9001: 2008 ve TSE Quality Certified Özak Aluminum has become one of the most important
and leading companies in the curtain and aluminum extrusion sector with its wide range of products.
Our aluminum extrusion profile production facility continues to produce curtain profiles, natural gas
profiles,vent profiles, industrial profiles, glass balcony profiles and solar energy profiles. Each stage
from raw material entry to shipment process is professionally controlled and the production is carried
out in accordance with the world standards and eco-friendly approach. In addition to our wide range of
mold archives, we also offer to our customers special mold designs and aluminum extrusion solutions.
In our production facility we also have raw material stock area, extrusion billet annealing furnace,
5 inch and 6 inch extrusion press machines, conveyor line, length cutting saw, heat treatment furnace,
electrostatic powder coating plant, packing,shipping and stock areas. We increase our production
capacity each passing day to respond better and rapidly to expectations and increasing demands of our
customers operating in both the domestic market and foreign market. We closely follow technological
developments and make all investments quality,human, environment and stability oriented.
As the Özak Aluminum family, we not only produce aluminum extrusion profiles, but also
develop solutions which matter in terms of the future of the aluminum sector. Our goal is offering the
best quality products and most effective solutions by working with a team spirit that aims for success
and innovation in the aluminum profile sector, which is always open to innovations.


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